Wednesday, November 21

Day 324 — Squares

[for Tuesday, Nov. 20]

squares — nov 20

Just got back from the grocery. Picked up lots of salad ingredients and fruit and cheese (note: nothing cookable) to take to the parents' Thursday. Sometimes I wonder if my mother feels like a failure for raising a daughter who can't cook for shit. Well, she shouldn't. That's all on me.

I hope my mom will be okay. She's been fighting a stomach virus of some sort for four days now. I will be carting a can of Lysol with me, just in case she's got something contagious.

In other, better news, Ashley had her baby today! No more calling him Peanut, I guess, as he's been officially dubbed Lucas Blake. I can't wait to meet him and eat his cheeks.

In other more domestic news, I am pissed off at my cats right now. It is 2 in the morning and they have, in the past fifteen minutes: Pounced the shit out of Felix, destroyed the pristine litter box, jumped into the sink to lick the dishes three times, splashed all the water out of the water bowl and tracked it onto my hardwood floors and oh so much more.

Project 365

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