Monday, April 30

Day 119 — Screens

[for April 29]



Disturbia, which was a much better movie when it was called The Burbs, but which had small moments of golden hilarity, like the ninja joke. I've not had many encounters with this Shia LaBeouf kid, but he is imminently likeable as an actor. Which is kind of infuriating, as I have grown to expect to hate all actors. Except Wiley Wiggins, who I am in love with. Eternally.

Blades of Glory, which was sufficiently funny, but which did not engross me to the degree that Talladega Nights did. I have to side with the critics who said it was funny enough, but still so ridiculously short of the comedic nirvana that Will Ferrell could generate if he took his time to make a movie that wasn't done in twelve takes.

• A hot dog, plain.

• A box of chocolate-covered raisins.

• A bottle of Dasani.

• A third of a small bucket of popcorn.

• Several Sqworms.

Price: Roughly $18 for junk food, plus $14 for tickets.

An expensive night, but one that gave me an excuse to set the camera up on my little tabletop tripod and catch some long exposures of cars leaving the lot. Clearly I've got a lot to learn. But it's nice to be able to try.

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