Friday, May 12

I didn't intend to post anything tonight

...but I gotta ask some serious questions/make some random observations that occurred to me after a glass of wine and a couple of episodes of House Hunters.

1. When did Blogger start using comment permalinks? Very cool. If they've been doing this all along, I've never noticed it in all my years of blogspot perusal. I also noticed the other day that there's now an option in lieu of the graphic comment verification box to have the password spoken in case any sight-impaired web surfers find themselves wanting to leave comments. Very cool, too.

2. Someone from Sunnyvale, Calif., got here by searching for "pants wetting" twice. Someone from Guelph, Ontario, wants to know more about "extreme violinist." And some poor soul in New Zealand searched for "cute animal video" and got here, but I rank sixth in that search, behind five beastiality sites. I want so badly to write some of the meta search words those sites are using, but I don't want to attract any freaks I don't already know to this site. See for yourself (SFW, but I wouldn't click any of the search results).

3. I downloaded my first iTunes digital booklet today. Everything I've ever downloaded before has come without a book for some reason. I'm totally digging on these huge PDFs they give you. They should worry more about people digitally ripping off album art instead of ripping MP3s. The geek question to ask is, will this new function change the way album liners are designed?


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