Sunday, May 7

Sunday morning silent movie blogging

I noticed recently that Photobucket is now allowing video uploads, and will bundle your file into a little embeddable player. So I thought I'd dig through my photo folders and see what I could find.

My little Nikon CoolPix takes 15-seconds of silent video. And that eats up a shitton of battery power.

In this first video, watch as Felix makes a dramatic backflip off the couch and onto the end table and floor below. It looks painful, but bear in mind that ferrets are sort of built like Slinkys and they go ricocheting off of lots of stuff and seem to bounce back just fine. In fact, they like it kind of rough. Just watch as Felix rebounds and hops down the hall.

In the next video, Phil taunts Felix with a string of Christmas-tree beads. For some reason, those beads smelled like cat piss to me. Phil swears up and down that it was the natural odor of the plastic and not the scent of Howey's feline pranks.

Watch Howey let the temptation to smack the beads get the best of his aloof diva nature:

And here's a video of Felix performing an inspection of the camera.

You'll notice that Gonzo isn't really in these videos very much. That's because he's sort of a lazy fatty, just like Mommy.


Blogger oskiesmom said...

There's something about these that remind me of Louis Lumiere's first moving pictures or of my parents' Bell & Howell 8-millimeter home movies early '60s. We keep reinventing the wheel.

Tue May 09, 04:14:00 AM  

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