Thursday, May 11

I'm scared

In my last post, I jokingly linked to Prussian Blue's website. You remember them, don't you? The cute-as-kittens little girls who sing white supremacist songs? Yeah, they had their 15 minutes a few months ago. Anyway, I was bored and decided to follow the link to see what those little racist scamps were up to, and I came across this:

And that's when I began to tremble, because it is so incredibly fucked up to know that these cute little children created such filth:

Check out the girls' nationwide appeal. Lots of fans in California, for some reason. Well, it's a big state. Ken from Crossville, Tenn., says, "Thank you Lynx and Lamb... for giving us hope."

And I want to thank Ken for giving me the chance to tell him to fuck off.

I also want to thank Lynx and Lamb for making my insides hurt. Here I was foolishly hoping that my generation might be the one to put a dent in racism and its impact on everyday people, but you've reminded me of just what a monumental task that will be as long as racist assholes continue to have children they can brainwash.


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