Tuesday, May 9

Commence pants-wetting

• I was watching Adult Swim last night and the bumps said Futurama was definitely being resurrected for four movies, though they won't air on AS. I guess the straight-to-DVD rumor is going to turn out true after all.

Here's a trailer for A Scanner Darkly, the new Richard Linklater flick. This film was done using the same rotoscoping technique he used in Waking Life (my all-time favorite movie). I haven't read the book, but I intend to. I'll be honest, the movie's premise is interesting, but I'm not convinced that I'll be able to get past how much I hate Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder. He's a terrible actor and I can't stand the way she sharpens the letter 'S' when she speaks. It's like driving nails into my cerebral cortex. I see that Wiley Wiggins is not in this film. Bummer. I love that kid. However, I adore Robert Downey Jr. too, so maybe his presence will cancel out Keanu's and I can just muddle through Winona Ryder's speaking parts by covering my ears and humming to myself.

Or maybe it will be a completely excellent movie all the way around.


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