Saturday, April 1

Fowler? I barely knew her!

"I make laws based on my bad parenting skills."

There is a particular type of legislative asshattery that steams my beans beyond all beany recognition.

It's the kind purpotrated by lawmakers who try to address their personal problems through legislation or political pressure.

John Ford falls squarely in this category for all that legal child-support dickering he was involved in. (I won't get into the E-Cycle business.)

Obviously Ford is in a class all his own, but Signal Mountain's David Fowler is quietly giving him a run for his money with his latest stunt.

Yes, we're talking about David "I'm-not-an-evil-man-but-I'd-really-like-to-force-you-to-have-that-baby" Fowler.

You see, Fowler's 18-year-old daughter Allison has been boozing it up in a Chattanooga bar. And, of course, Fowler has found a way to blame this incident squarely on the bar in question. So the bar is limiting its hours for underage patrons:

CHATTANOOGA  — A Chattanooga bar has limited its hours for underage patrons after state Sen. David Fowler told authorities his 18-year-old daughter had been drinking there.

Allison Fowler drank two beers, one glass of wine and a mixed drink at Chattanooga Billiard Club East on Feb. 5, the day of the Super Bowl, according to records from the Chattanooga beer board.

She phoned a friend to pick her up.
Fowler, R-Signal Mountain, said parents must "let establishments know that we won't tolerate them not being more responsible with what they do in serving alcohol."

(No link just yet because I can't find the Mid-South briefs on the CA's web site. How's that for sad?)

So, parents, if your children are budding alcoholics, please be advised that the best way to counsel them and halt their dangerous and illegal behavior is by pressuring local businesses to change their practices to do your parenting for you!

And Democrats want a nanny state?

(HT: Sarah)


Blogger mike said...

The problem is abuse of power, into which category this seems to squarely fall. That's a bipartisan issue.

Sat Apr 01, 10:38:00 PM  

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