Saturday, January 28

What's the matter with Arkansas?

Based on what I've seen on the wire today alone, we should really be focusing our national attention on Tennessee's asking what's the matter with Arkansas, not Kansas.

Because people -- mostly parents -- are going crazy over there.

You've got these assholes who chained their daughter to a bed, which led to her death when their freaking house burnt down.

Then you've got this woman who made her 5-year-old son drink sulfuric acid while she was busy cooking up meth. (No link 'cause the only place that has it right now charges to see the story.)

A woman who forced her 5-year-old son to drink sulfuric acid as she "cooked" methamphetamine has been sentenced to 50 years in prison after pleading guilty to felony drug and battery charges.

Lisa Renee Tramel, 25, of Norman was sentenced Friday in Montgomery County Circuit Court.

Officers said she poured drain cleaner into a glass and ordered her son to drink as she and a partner prepared meth in their trailer home Jan. 9, 2005. She was arrested the following day.

And now I've just learned of a woman who killed her two twin boys and little girl.

I know every state and country houses crazed maniacs who do terrible things to children, but today, Arkansas wins the Sick, Cruel Parenting Award.


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