Tuesday, January 24

Google remembers every time you've searched for 'Jessica Alba in a bikini'

It's true. It's all logged somewhere, your search terms along with your IP address. And the government wants it (OK, not the IP address part; not yet, at least). Here's hoping you relegated your really embarrassing searches to Booble.

The Forbes story I linked above contains a really laughable point. Well, I laughed. That makes it laughable, right?

A public disclosure of exactly how much pornography is on the Internet and how often people look for it--the two data points that will result from fulfilling the government's subpoena--could serve to make the Internet look bad. And Google, as its leading search engine, could look the worst.

Is this serious? Make the internet look bad? Doesn't every huckster and comedian -- professional or otherwise -- rely on a stock "the only thing the internet's good for is porn" joke with frightening frequency? How could you possibly make the internet look bad or worse? Everyone knows it's a cesspool of bad spelling, craptastic text-message poetry, suicide-inducing animated GIFs, navel-gazing blogging, and skank-fabulous porn, all heated with fanboy fervor, topped lightly by a thin, crusty layer of goodness (i.e. the stuff that doesn't suck or involve beastiality) to keep it from being completely useless. Google or Yahoo! or any other search engine disclosing how often pervs search for porn isn't going to make the internet look bad. The internet can't look bad. Just the skeevs and skanks who populate the internet's audience. And everyone knows that the internet was invented for skeevs and skanks, so what the hell is the problem?


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