Saturday, January 14

You never see my feet 'cause they move so fast

I am the last person on earth to weigh in on this James Frey crapola, which, for whatever reason, has incited a widespread outrage he likes of which I cannot recall ever witnessing before.

I just want to remind everyone that we're talking about an author who fudged the details of a memoir. A writer who wrote some things that weren't true about his ultimately inconsequential life as a junkie. It's bad, sure, and unfortunate, because it dilutes the power of the truthful but not quite as shocking life story.

And yes, that sting we all feel is the realization that our cynicism is justified.

But I think this national sense of injustice is little more than misplaced anger from a populace that is actually (or should be) raging mad over the ongoing shitstorm of untruths fed to it by the Bush administration.

Yes, America, I have found a way to blame George W. Bush for this.


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