Saturday, January 14

Freddy Krueger does not eat lettuce

It's true. So says the busboy(man?)/chip deliverer at El Mezcal. Randomly. To the man at the register while we're paying for our check. At least that's what Phil thinks he said. My jury's still out, playing in the fountain in front of the courthouse.

So Joey and Marie are here. We sat and shot the shit for an hour or so before I had to come to work. Tomorrow we're going downtown to check out the National Civil Rights Museum. It's actually perfect timing, since the city is gearing up for all sorts of King Day events (sponsored, randomly, by Exxon). I'll probably coax them into riding the trolley (Marie's never been here before) so they can see more of downtown. Marie wants to see two hookers beating up a hobo, but I'm just not sure that I can deliver that. I'll do my best, though.


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