Tuesday, January 10

A professional in an ape mask is still a professional

1. King Kong was excellent. Predictably, I cried.
2. I got three more fillings today. Six more to go!
3. Did anyone else catch the Alito opening statements today? God, what an insufferable circle jerk that crap is. And woe is America, being led by such ineloquent fucktards as Jeff Sessions and Lindsay Graham. Ugh, make it stop, make it stop!
4. The third installment in the Irrational Fears Proven Not So Irrational Thanks to a Story Linked on Fark series:

A Washington state woman who was reported missing was later found dead suffocated under a pile of debris in her home, police said.

Officers found the body of Marie Rose, 62, buried under clothes Thursday, reported KIRO-TV in Seattle.

Granted, I don't have a fear of clothes piles; in fact, I try to surround myself with them. This irrational fear is Phil's, and, I imagine, would be anyone else's who decided to live with me.

I arrange my home in a way that mimics the way thoughts in my brain are arranged.


Blogger Wendy said...

I once hid under a pile of laundry after reading a book about my worst fear, volcanoes. Naturally, I was but a child and did not realize the imminent death trap. Happily, I survived.

Tue Jan 10, 01:56:00 AM  

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