Wednesday, January 4

Apartment hunt: The last hurrah

The apartment I looked at at 2 was huge, but a little on the crappy side. I don't know -- it had a creepy, open back entrance (up three flights of flimsy metal stairs), worn wooden floors, crazy-ass red paint in the dining room and orange (like UT orange) in the bathroom, nice built-in bookshelves with glass doors, mirrored (but cracked) French doors between the dining room and living room, and classy grated radiator covers. Everything that could be shellacked with that cheap, slick, white paint was, which I find so annoying, especially when it makes me look so foolish trying to open cabinet doors that are stuck together. There was also a front sun porch that is a really nice idea, but was run down. One of the big window panes had been blown out in a storm (who knows when that was) and obviously hadn't been tended to for a long time because there was debris and mess on the floor from outside. For the price, it was a good deal for a two-bedroom. But I really don't need that much space. And I don't want my front drive to be on Poplar. Good grief, no. Even if I'd be right next door to Burke's Books.

So I decided to go ahead and put some money down on the place I sort of had a crush on from the beginning. (The guy told me three people had applied for it in the past two days, so I decided to get a move on before someone else got it.) It's truly the nicest (most reasonably priced) place I've found so far, and although there are no W/D hookups, there is a coin-op laundry room in the basement literally two floors below what will be my unit. I talked to my mom and she said she'd ask my dad if they have any use for my washer and dryer. If they can't think of someone to sell/give them to, I might just store them in the apartment or sell them myself, though I really, really hate to do that. I love them so.

So, about the apartment I've (98 percent, at least) settled on: The wood floors are really nice and well-kept; the doorknobs are of the clear, crystal-looking variety, and they are sturdy and not just barely hanging there like in some places; there are several decent-sized closets and one big walk-in; the only air conditioner window unit is located in the bedroom, so I'll have to keep all the doors open in the summer (the bedroom is connected to the breakfast nook and living room); the front door to the balcony has a screen door; there's a balcony and a breakfast nook!

I'm on the cusp of being excited, but I feel like the last time I got excited about moving, I got burned. So I'm going to reserve my excitement for far, far in the future when I buy a house and win a Pulitzer Prize and cure cancer.

Other good news that should be noted:

  • I paid my computer off.
  • I am digging the new Strokes album. This New York Times reviewer apparently is too. (Thanks, Sarah, for the link.)
  • I have vacation time to burn so I'm planning a trip to Long Island in late March/early April, when, hopefully, the snow will be melting.
  • The little earbud covers Phil's mom got me for Christmas fit into my teensy ears and work beautifully.
  • I won't be inflicting another painful Tolstoy Tuesday offering on you today. Too distracted.

The bad news? Phil's still got to find a place. Yuck.


Blogger Brandonian said...

Congrats on the apartment. I'm glad you found a cool place, even if it does have a haunted basement...

What's wrong with having an address on Popular? I technically don't, but the new place has a rear entrance/exit on it. (Although I will probably never use it because of traffic... ohhhh....)

Again, congrats on the apartment. Keep your Sunday open, I'm going to need someplace to get my TV fix.

Wed Jan 04, 07:53:00 PM  
Blogger Brandonian said...

Popular? Poplar? Can't I spell?

Wed Jan 04, 07:53:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Nothing's wrong with Poplar per se; it's just so busy with cars and, in that particular part of town, foot traffic, that I don't want to have to deal with Poplar to go anywhere every day. Poplar can be very stressful.

Wed Jan 04, 07:55:00 PM  
Blogger J. R. said...

I forgot to post about the new Strokes album when I first heard it. Radio One played the whole thing one night (before it was even out in AMERICA; it's not out here yet at all). I dug it too. Maybe I'll buy it during my five hour layover in Jersey.

Thu Jan 05, 08:49:00 AM  
Blogger nashgirl said...

But I really like Burke's Books, and I think you should move as close as possible.

Thu Jan 05, 09:15:00 AM  
Blogger theogeo said...

J.R., before you leave the UK, you must see if "Extras" is out on DVD over there! It's not over here. Not yet, anyway.

And not to worry, Kristin: Burke's is still within walking distance of the street I'll be living on.

Thu Jan 05, 12:38:00 PM  

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