Saturday, September 17

[Right back atcha, big guy]

right back atcha, big guy

Hee. Salon's Photoshop wizards never fail to crack me up. The story is about Bush's speech in a pulpit Friday about the arbitrary harm done to man by nature. The graphic is the best part of the piece, in my opinion; I don't begrudge Bush the right to pontificate about the random violence of weather (God).

We went to the Cooper-Young Festival and milled around for bit among the crowd. Lots of hipsters pushing baby strollers -- a sight that never ceases to boggle my mind. The weather was gorgeous and there was very little humidity, which translated into very little body odor wafting through the crowd. Nice. I wish we could have had more time but I had to haul ass to work.

There were tons of booths set up, many of which were selling the same sorts of things: glass jewelry (lots of really cute stuff, but I just don't see paying $28 for a bracelet), wooden housewares, wind chimes, Pollock-inspired paintings (many of which were going for $200 and up; madness!), etc. I'm all for supporting the local artist community, but damn. Leave it to the trust-fund kids who can afford it.

Anyway, I'll post pictures later tonight.


Blogger Derek said...

Oh God. That's great!

Mon Sep 19, 07:13:00 AM  

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