Wednesday, September 21

[Farewell, little post that could]

I started working yesterday on a long, thoughtful post about the mainstreaming of sex raunch and the rise of women participating in it. I had it saved as a Gmail draft so I wouldn't lose it in case Blogger went beserk as it sometimes does. I put the finishing touches on it just now, and highlighted the entire thing to copy and paste it into this Blogger window. Then I accidentally pressed ctrl+v instead of ctrl+c, which pasted some random crap on my clipboard in place of the entire post. I tried to ctrl+z to undo and when that didn't work, I panicked and hit "discard draft." It didn't matter anyway. The post was lost, and all my research links were lost with it. It's fluttering up toward Interweb heaven right now. And not just any old part of Interweb heaven, mind you, but the part reserved for particularly beloved and hard-thought posts that took more than a day to write.

Let's all observe a moment of silence for that post, which died before I even got the chance to give it a name.

I'll write a new post, of course, but it just won't be the same.


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