Saturday, March 12

[Geese and ganders and lying bastards]
So Congress doesn't want to raise minimum wage to a point where a person working full-time will rise above the poverty line. OK.

But Bush is jetting around the country trying to convince a nation of skeptics that the time is now to reform Social Security by privatizing it (if you can really call it privatizing; I understand that this is up for dispute).

One of Bush's main arguments for the type of setup he's promoting is that Congress has this option and, thus, it should be good enough for all Americans.

Since 1997, when the minimum wage was last increased to its current $5.15 an hour, Congress has granted itself five cost-of-living increases. The average Congressperson makes $160,000 a year.

If that's good enough for America's lawmakers ... well, you can finish the rest.


Blogger Colby said...

All comments about our lawmakers' salaries aside, I tend to see Ricardo's Iron Law of Wages playing out quite accurately, be it morally right or not. If not for those pesky World Wars, America could have adhered to its isolationist tendencies of the early 20th century, and you could very well have your raise or three.

At least, that's what this guy basically says.

Mon Mar 14, 10:30:00 PM  

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