Saturday, May 8

[No one's home and the weather's fine]
I tried to use a blog skin from Not That Ugly, which I admired from afar for several months, then forgot about until I saw Kristin's blog, which is designed by them, and remembered how much I liked some of their designs. But alas, I couldn't get this one template to work for me. I customized it to match my site's crazy dark reds, but it kept repeating the title bar with each post. It would have driven readers crazy. I couldn't find the line of code in the script that told it to do that, so I said screw it, and used another simple Blogger template. But I need to reinstall my comments links, since they were wiped away. I guess this means all the old comments are gone. Aw, crap.

Don't my blogskin frustrations make for riveting reading?

I'm in a better mood today, but I'm proceeding with caution. I'll be heading west in an hour or two to visit the family. My mom and my sister have already left messages wanting to know my ETA. I haven't seen my sister since the first of the year. I miss her and my nephews, Casey and Patrick. I hear Casey got glasses (he's seven) and is quite the little bookworm. Patrick is making honor roll, too, and still as mischievous as ever. I might also get to meet Keith, Krissie's lovah. But my parents haven't even met him, so I don't know how that will happen. There has been talk of grilling out. Maybe I'll take some liquor and get my mom good and lushy for Mother's Day.


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