Thursday, April 29

When not being wrong is not enough
OK, I've had an hour or two to settle. I get really, really frustrated with people who fall short of my expectations. And people who smell weird. And people who are so self-centered that they can't actually have a conversation with you; they just wait for their turn to talk about themselves and their stupid boyfriends. And people who giggle in class while others are talking. And people who hear Pauline Kael's unflattering review of Full Metal Jacket and whisper with all seriousness, "That's a woman for you." And people who laugh when a professor recounts that during his time in Vietnam, soldiers called the native prostitutes "Little Brown Fuck Machines."

Suddenly I need some fresh air, so I think I'll take 15. But before I go, one more thing.

I also get really annoyed at people who bitch a lot, which I know I do. So I know I annoy people like crazy. And I disappoint people, too, because I do and say stupid and immature things with suprising regularity. So I'm willing to forgive idiots for being idiots, as long as I don't have to pretend to like them. May I use them as a tool to help me fight the urge to be just another stupid asshole.


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