Monday, May 3

I'm a reasonable man; get off my case
I suck at time management and the art of getting things done.

I half-assed the viewing journal, didn't touch the lesbian journal, considered starting the lesbian film re-write but didn't do it, didn't even think about the final two Kubrick essays. About the only thing I got done was some preliminary research for the lesbian project, and I really need to get crackin' to finish that before I leave for Birmingham tomorrow.

It's just that I have little motivation these days. I believe it's called senioritis. Ugh. Make it stop.

The new Collage has some good stuff in it. Too bad they screwed up one of my entries. In the table of contents, it's mislabeled "Some Glimpses of a Family." In fact, it's simply "Glimpses of a Family," because "some" makes it incredibly redundant. But I can live with that. What I can't live with is the editing errors within the piece. They omitted a comma, making one of the sentences, "I am full of obtuse angles ... into the night, across stained carpet lumps of soiled laundry waiting for their turn in the wash." Stained carpet lumps of soiled laundry? WTF? If they were going to make a slight edit, they should have changed "their" to "its," and left my original comma between "carpet" and "lumps." They also removed another word from an earlier passage, but I can let that one slide.

They also probably should have put obvious dividers between each passage, so people wouldn't think it was all about just one or two people.

I was hoping they wouldn't insert a mistake into my work, but they messed up Marie's stuff last year, and I have found several other errors in other people's stuff, so I knew it was bound to happen. Oh well, not the end of the world.

Yesterday was my final day at Sidelines. I'm not too terribly sad. It's more of a nostalgic relief. I will miss the fun times and the arguments and the constant bitching of readers, but I'm also glad that it's time for me to move on. I've put in four years there, and done pretty much every job I was qualified to do. Today we have our end-of-the-year meeting, where we eat pizza and present awards. And that's it. A significant chapter of my life will remain bookmarked, but it will ultimately be closed.


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