Thursday, May 6

[Freaks flock together and make all the lesbians scream]
As usual, I got all worked up over nothing. The last Lesbian Studies class, held in Smyrna at our prof's house, was not a big deal. My presentation went well and I got a free doughnut out of the deal.

I'm at the library, and I have a new monitor. It is seriously messing with my head. Everything seems so small and sparse, because there's a larger viewing area than the old one. Plus, it's a flat panel, and I keep having to resist the urge to press my finger against it and watch the pretty disappearing colors.

This blog is in serious need of a redesign. It's so ugly. I keep looking at blog skins but I can't find anything that suits me. And when I find something that looks cool, it usually has some stupid slogan I can't figure out how to change. Bah. I need to learn how to make my own.


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