Thursday, April 22

I dont want to give the impression that predestination is set
The green has exploded. It's gorgeous. Walking to class from my car, parked in the Tennessee Boulevard-area streets across from campus, my intense lust for a house grew with every emerald lawn I passed. Just a little crop of grass in front of one's home can be such a comfort in a town where most everything is paved.

And then, when I went outside after my three-hour class, everything had been soaked by rain, and you could smell the ground and the leaves just drinking at their leisure. The bottom half of my jeans drank their fair share of nasty streetwater, that's for sure.

Another semester, another chapter is coming to a close. I can count the number of major things I have left to do on one hand.

+ My queer reading paper on Harry Potter is due ... right now. I should get a move on.
+ I present my redesign of the Birmingham News Monday. I should really get started on that as well.
+ Dr. Lavery wants our papers on Kubrick Tuesday. Again, I should get started.
+ Dr. Smith wants a huge research project in a couple of weeks. I've got time to procrastinate.
+ She will also probably want me to rewrite my film analysis paper, which I totally half-assed. I don't want to see the grade. I'll just rewrite and run.
+ [extra finger] Our Kubrick final is actually two at-home essays of more than 1,000 words each. Those are due soon.


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