Thursday, January 29

Don't look now, Just keep watching your TV, Hating what's to see, Waiting for someone to say something that's right
No motivation today. I've stood up two classes. That makes three this week. I wonder if those classes even exist if I'm not there. Didn't Zack on Saved by the Bell have a theory like that? Anyway, I am a slack ass and I am really tired. I got up today and came to campus, ready to go to class, but I came by the office and started trying to plan stuff for next week. I got caught up and just decided I could get more done if I didn't go to class. So I didn't. Well, that led to skipping my Thursday-only class. I actually don't really need to go to it because I have had a complete organizational breakdown – meaning I have lost all my syllabi and assignment schedules. I know we had stuff to read, and I would have been totally unprepared. Why waste my time?


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