Saturday, January 24

The world is a vampire
I almost forgot the Friday Five.

At this moment, what is your favorite...

1. Alone/Together by the Strokes.
2. Fajita taco salad (chicken) from Camino Real
3. show? Six Feet Under
4. ...scent? Emporio Armani for women
5. ...quote? The quote Amber has on her blog is bad-ass. "Eat the same apples, day comes, night falls. Read the same newspapers, day comes, night falls. Turn on the television, day comes, night falls. Assert your individuality with one voice. Day comes, night falls." --Jeanette Winterson, Art and Lies.

And while I'm listing things, let's take stock of things I wanted to do in college and haven't (yet):

  • Study abroad, or at least travel overseas for fun

  • Attend school productions and performances

  • Learn how to drink or hang out in a bar without feeling utterly ridiculous and out-of-place

  • Find a professor to be my mentor and, if lucky, connection to a possible job

Things that I actually did accomplish in college:

  • Form a group of new friends -- smart, quirky, funny people who don't disappoint me too much (wink wink)

  • Work my ass off doing something I love -- something practical that will help me when I graduate (right?)

  • Learn how to assert myself and articulate my desires and needs, as well as my opinions

  • Stop letting everyone run over me; just keep it to a priveleged few


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