Sunday, January 18

D-minor is the saddest key of all
Amber and I watched Kissing Jessica Stein last night. She'd been plugging it for a while, and I had never seen it. So she brought it over and, after we watched This is Spinal Tap, we shifted gears from phallus-infused rock 'n' roll to neurotic lesbianism. It's a natural progression, if you ask me. And what a cute film. I love Jessica's monologue in the deleted scenes when she's in the boat with Dork No. 8 (or so). It's quite close to the mantra I repeat in my head every day. Sigh. Living life through movies is fun.

The telescreen has been screaming insignificance all day. I just turned it off. I don't know what's worse: watching in horror as, half a world away, men in army fatigues aim death machines at one another, or observing the trite dysfunction of newlywed pop stars who don't really even seem to like each other that much. If I just ignore everything that TV tells me, does it make the outside world go away? Possibly. Reality is naught but perception, right? At least my reality is nothing but what I perceive, so if I decide that the world stops past my field of vision, then it's just me and mine in my little world. Or not.

I really, really want to get cable cut off and just use the television as a vehicle for my favorite-shows-on-DVD. Phil is the only thing stopping me. That extra $45 each month could pay for cable internet, which would be sweet -- considering that, as I write this, I've gotten kicked off the internet already. I've only been on here long enough to write this stuff, and I type fast. Earthlink is a horrible, horrible ISP, and if you're reading this and thinking about switching to Earthlink, don't do it. I tried to commission their help to fix my internet, which is constantly kicking me off and is really slow, but they wanted me to fill out this ridiculously long questionaire about my computer, phone cord, etc. It's all Greek to me. I just want a connection that doesn't kick me off every 2 minutes. And I'm not exaggerating.


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