Sunday, January 11

I said please don't slow me down, if I'm goin' too fast
The ferrets are fluffy and smelling good, thanks to a quick dunk in the tub. They hate baths so much. Hee. After I dry them off, their tails poof out and they rip around the apartment, rubbing on everything in sight, trying to get dirty again. It makes them really hyper, so we always get a nice play session in, which is fun. Now they're settling down, and I've just gotten out of the shower. I believe we're Adult Swimming over at Nick/Amanda/Katie's. In fact, it looks like I'll be late. But I felt the need to blog before school starts tomorrow, sucking dry every spare morsel of time I will have. This break has been nice. I was hoping my eye bags would disappear, but I guess they're there from fat and not stress. Greeeat.

Big Fish was pretty good. A departure for Tim Burton, but an appropriate one. It's a family film by all accounts, with a random naked lady's ass thrown in a few times just to keep the drifters awake, I guess.

My schedule looks to be a bit less hectic this semester, but I'm stepping up work at the paper, so it's likely to be even more stressful. I finagled my schedule so that I don't have any pre-noon or Friday classes. But this means that I have even less time throughout the day to get my library work hours in, because I know I won't be able to consistently get up early and go to work before class. I so dread this growing up and adjusting my sleep schedule thing. I'm pretty sure that -- at least until I have kids or something -- I'm gonna need an evening job. I thrive at dusk, people. I am dead at daybreak.


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