Friday, December 26

Saw LOTR with my dad today. He is one of those people who can't help but narrate the film to themselves aloud. Hee. But we had a good time and we both really liked it.

I got shot down for the Minneapolis Star Tribune internship. Ouch. I wanted that one. Well, I want one period. But Birmingham is looking quite possible, even though that was the one I wanted least. Is this irony, or karma? Perhaps both? How depressing to think that I might get turned down by them all.

The 'rents are entertaining tonight. They are somewhat newly friends with a younger couple, a man and a woman in their late 20s with a toddler and a three-month-old. They just exchanged a ton of gifts. It's cool to see them associate with other people. They never really kept friends throughout my youth. I must have learned my loner tendencies from them.

Philip saved me yesterday, as he usually does on Christmas day. The gravity of the gathering starts to get to me and he comes in and we get to hide and exchange gifts. He always buys me too much, but I love everything he gets. I hope he feels the same about me and mine.


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