Monday, April 7

It's been a really weird day

Just a little bit ago, I was pulled up to a stop sign, getting ready to take a left onto Nelson from Cox, when I see this red Echo that's heading east on Nelson screech to a halt right in front of the intersection. I think at first that maybe I'm pulled out too far and the driver thought he was going to hit me, but I look and, no, I'm not out in the road at all.

The driver — a balding middle-aged dude in shorts — gets out of the car, looking pissed off and mouthing to no one in particular, and storms off down the sidewalk, heading south on Cox. He's holding a tiny puppy. Not, like, cradling it like I would hold a puppy, but carrying it like you would a set of keys or a cellphone — just kind of as an afterthought or accessory. Yes, the puppy is that tiny. It's white and possibly a pit bull of some sort.

The old lady in the passenger side gets out of the car and doesn't seem nearly as confused as I do by this whole scenario. She grabs what I assume is a camera and sort of watches the man walks off, their car parked there in the middle of the street while everyone around them makes WTF? faces.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maybe the puppy pooed on him.

Tue Apr 08, 12:07:00 PM  

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