Friday, February 29

Just another Friday in Saltillo: My family's neighbors busted for huge pot-growing operation

drug bust

Who says nothing interesting ever happens in small towns?

From the story (actually, this is the whole story at this time):

TBI officials say an underground marijuana-growing operation was busted in Saltillo, Tennessee on a 600 acre farm.

Investigators say marijuana plants were found inside a metal tank buried in a field in the 1000 block of Five Forks Road. The tank is about 20 feet long and eight feet tall. More than 1,000 marijuana plants were seized, as well as several guns, $4,000 in cash and paperwork related to the operation.

Officials say they are not able to release any more information regarding the drug bust at this time.

Ooooh, I have more information. But it would probably be foolish to be spreading names and background info while the word "alleged" is still in play. What I will say is that this is the third time I believe, this family has gotten busted for their, uh, family business.

Hey, isn't persistence part of the American dream?

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