Friday, February 29


For illustrative purposes, this is NOT what it feels like in my bed, but what it feels like elsewhere in my apartment.

I just slept for thirteen hours. Not consecutively, but close enough. It was pretty awesome. Big ups to my electric blanket and my new comforter, which isn't threadbare like the one I will now banish to the closet because I can't bear to give it away. Supplemental ups to my jersey-knit sheet and extra blanket. That's right. My bedding weighs eight hundred pounds but it's damned cozy in there. In fact, if I had a laptop, I'd still be in there. And I'm not sure I'd ever come out.

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Blogger sarah saint said...

Aaahh, new, cozy bedding. Very few things are as blissful as new, cozy bedding. Congrats.

Fri Feb 29, 01:04:00 PM  

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