Tuesday, September 4

This changes everything

The cats (well, Jack at least) can now jump onto the kitchen counter, the one area of the apartment that had thus far been safe from their destructive reach. At first, he pulled out drawers to make a little ladder. I taped them shut. He got up there anyway.

I'm a problem solver, so naturally I'm thinking of tiling the counter with broken glass.



Anonymous fieldguidetomemphis said...

all of my cabinets are rubber-banded shut. unsightly perhaps, but it's just easier than picking up all the pots & pans every night...

Wed Sep 05, 03:35:00 PM  
Anonymous kindacoolblindchick said...

Solutions that have worked for me (3 no-good cats to my name):
spray bottle with water-vinegar solution (even with my admittedly poor aim, they don't dig smelling like a salad)
double-sided sticky tape sheets (can get at your pet mega stores)
lots of screaming and yelling
and ironically leaving a stack of pots in a precarious position so that they in their decidedly un-feline gracelessness were certain to knock them off, knock themselves in the head with them, make an insane racket and thereby create scary associations and traumatize themselves for life. But they stay off the counter now.

Good luck.

Thu Sep 06, 02:00:00 PM  

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