Thursday, August 30

It's official — my neighbors hate me

Just got a card taped to the door, thanking me for helping out with the cable bill, but asking me to do something about the ridiculous noises the cats make at night. I knew this was coming. How shitty does it make me feel that apparently the woman living downstairs is pregnant and on doctor's orders to get lots of sleep? Yeah, pretty shitty.

So, how do you keep kittens from playing?

I guess I need to start looking for a ground-level apartment, huh?

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Anonymous Lesley said...

No, you just need to get some large area rugs or carpet remnants. Cats love the hardwood, but they can't make as much noise or get as much momentum going on carpet.

And you need big rugs; otherwise, they'll grow up like Eddie thinking that rugs are special places where they're supposed to aim their vomit.

Fri Aug 31, 07:19:00 AM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Haha, true enough. Maybe I'll go to Hobby Lobby and get a bunch of that foam stuff and just line the entire place. I've been itching for a padded room lately anyway.

Fri Aug 31, 01:08:00 PM  

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