Saturday, August 25

Day 237 — The New Mezcal

the new mezcal — aug 25

My favorite Mexican place opened up a new location on Union recently. I've eaten there twice now, and I have some thoughts.

Of course it's nice not to have to hoof it out to Perkins Etd. for my enchilada fix, so there's that. Overall, my usual (the very unadventurous Lunch No. 7) isn't quite as top-notch as it is at Perkins Etd. The sauce on the enchilada is darker and less sweet, but the chicken quesadilla comes packed with more veggies than at the Perkins locale. The rice is pretty much the same. The chips are slightly thicker and less greasy at the Union location (but I prefer the thin, greasy chips).

It doesn't matter though; it's yummy anyway. Both places are ridiculously superior to the Germantown Parkway location. Why is that?

Also, today I saw Collin and La of See Sip Taste Hear and ElLa Bites there, but they were on their way out and I am a ridiculous introvert, so I didn't stop them to say hi. So I'll say it now. Hey, y'all!

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