Monday, August 27

Day 238 -- Birthday Boy

[for Sunday, Aug. 26]

birthday boy -- aug 26

My little brother turned 20 yesterday -- 20! -- and I am kind of freaking out over how much he has changed in the past five years.

Last night I dug through a bottomless box of old photos in my parents' living room, and came across picture after picture of him making the sweetest/silliest/goofiest faces, from his time spent as a little toddler cutie-pie to his pudgy, awkward adolescent period to the time just two years ago when he had long, shaggy hair and black plastic glasses (much like my own dad when he graduated from high school). My parents and I marveled at his transformation. My dad said, "He's a man now."

And, by all accounts, he is.

But he's still my little brother.

(As soon as I get back to Memphis, I'm scanning in some of those photos, so there will be an update to this post forthcoming.)

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