Sunday, October 29

Standard-time ferret blogging

Did you remember to set your clock back? I sure didn't, so when I woke up at 1 a.m. — without a shred of guilt, mind you — I was more than happy when my computer — my omnicient, brilliant computer — did the dirty work for me. Thanks, computer. You're a pal.

So to commemorate this annual feel-good occasion, here's some silent video of my rugrats.

First, Felix, being cuter than should be allowed.

And then Gonzo, looking rough but playing heartily in a way he doesn't very often. He woke up this morning feeling frisky, and proceeded to attack the shit out of a plastic grocery bag I'd left on the floor for their amusement. And when I joined in, he went nuts. He does this thing where I hold him over the pillows on the couch and count to three, and on three, he leaps from my hands into the pillows. Since he's been sick, he hasn't done that. But today he did. And afterward he whooped up on Felix for a while. Good times.


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