Saturday, October 28

Cosas al azar

1. It's pretty cool when you're the first person to call and tell your dad — who's at work and unable to watch — that his favorite team just won the World Series for the first time in nearly 25 years. Last time they won, I was about 10 months old.

2. I am using some new shampoo and it smells awesome. I keep getting these whiffs of it and I have to stop and think, Damn, that smells good! I will be sick of this smell in less than 48 hours.

3. Today at the Mexican restaurant, I was mesmerized by an instense game of Jenga on the Univision station, which also featured an assortment of scantily clad, writhing Latina women just in case Jenga wasn't holding your attention. Our usual waiter asked Phil what he thought of Mexican chicks. Phil said they were beautiful, which was true. Later, in the bathroom, Phil was washing his hands and the waiter came in to pee. As he was peeing, he asked Phil if he'd ever "tried a Mexican girl." (Like trying a new toothpaste or the latest new M&M's?) Phil lied like a dog and was all like, "Oh yeah, totally! Very nice." What a couple of putzes.

4. When I clock out tonight, I will have an entire week of sweet, succulent vacation. I have no concrete plans. Except for a trip to Murfreesboro so I can vote. I should really pin down when I'm going so I can let people know when I'm coming to crash on their couch. And I'll probably go home for a couple of days to visit with the family. I am tempted to see how long I can go without leaving my own couch, but I don't deal well with bedsores, so that option is out.

5. There are three Halloween parties I was invited to tonight that I won't be attending thanks to my workaholism. I better see some em-effin' pictures from all of 'em, ya hear?

6. Colby, let me know if my subject line up there is a total mistranslation, would you? I'm relying totally on Google translator.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I do love me some Mexican M&M's, though.

Do have a lovely vacation. Feel free to ring me if you're in the vicinity!

Sat Oct 28, 07:00:00 PM  

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