Wednesday, August 30

More on synchronicity

John of Salem's Lots fame suggested in the comments a few days ago that my Eudora Welty experience was an example of synchronicity, which I had been erroneously referring to as "collective consciousness," which is related but not quite the same.

And a few days ago I realized that last week I had experienced some intermittent chest pains at, apparently, around the same time my mother had experienced chest pains that eventually led her to go to the hospital.

It should be noted here that chest pains are a rarity for me these days; I had a bout with them during my junior year of high school, when it was thought that I had mitral valve prolapse, but it turns out I was just ingesting way too much caffeine. For me to get chest pains these days freaks me out and I can usually blame stress (which, incidentally, is probably what my mom can blame for hers).

And so now I have to wonder if there was some synchronicity at work, perhaps even a particular kind of synchronicity — the biological kind — where my DNA and my mom's DNA are so in synch that we feel each other's pain or at least are aware — if in hindsight only — of some pain happening in the other. Not unlike twins feeling phantom pains or emotions.

That is completely weird and amazing, if so.


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