Wednesday, August 30

Phil needs a blog

Well, an active one, at least. Because he called me up at work to tell me to find something about the woman with the pickle phobia and post it for my mini-audience. He was positively giddy about the spectacle of freakishness he'd witnessed on daytime TV, and that kind of enthusiasm would translate into a hell of a blog if he authored it and injected his patented weird Philness about Reptilians and crop circles and the Great Magnet.

So here's what he was giddy about (which I have a vague memory of seeing on the interwebs several months ago, so this must have been a Labor Day week Maury rerun):

I'm reticent to make fun of this poor woman; she's doing a good job of faking it if it's not real fear making her run literally out of her shoes. But how ridiculous. Pickles! Especially when the kosher ones are so yummy.


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