Wednesday, July 26

Little Chiefers

This story reminds me a lot of a little place back in the 'Boro a lot of people used to refer to as "Weed Zone." (Anyone from the 'Boro — do people still call it that?)

You could order thin crust, deep dish or marijuana at a Collierville pizza parlor. And pay for any of it with a debit card.

An hourly employee is charged with offering the illegal side order at Little Caesars, 235 New Byhalia Road.


Employee Steven Guice Barton is free under $10,000 bond after spending six days in jail.

Barton, an enterprising 20-year-old if ever there was one, apparently didn't fret when his customers didn't have cash to make their deals. He'd just swipe their debit cards, which would deposit money into the company bank account, and then take the same amount of cash out of the register to keep for himself so the receipts would balance out at the end of the night.

A smart one, that Barton.


Blogger phallicpen said...

Dude, Anthony is NOT a drug dealer. He sells chicken wings, for crying out loud. Chicken wings!

Thu Jul 27, 01:04:00 PM  

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