Monday, July 24

So much for citizen journalism

If I were a better person, I'd have told you about this waaaay earlier. The red machine is actually a tow truck or something, and not part of the 18-wheeler.

Today I was traveling eastbound on Union at about 3:45 p.m. when traffic started getting choked up near Methodist Hospital. Soon the flashing lights of emergency vehicles became apparent and, as I crept on down the road, I could see what the holdup was. An 18-wheeler had keeled over at the intersection of Union and Bellevue and spilled its entire load of plank wood (two-by-fours? I have no clue. Name a dimension; that could have been it). I guess it had been making the left turn from Bellevue onto Union, and was going too fast and just fell right on over. Pretty scary stuff. I have no idea if anyone was hurt, but it happened right at the hospital, so perhaps even if the driver was wounded, he/she got relatively instantaneous treatment.

As I passed the scene, it occurred to me that I was carrying my camera in my purse, so I whipped it out, snapped some pictures through my filthy driver's side window (since the damned thing won't roll down anymore). I had visions of running home, posting the photo, and warning everyone to steer clear of that area.

But I got here and ended up getting sidetracked by a million things, and didn't get around to doing it until just now, nearly nine hours later.

You're welcome. :)


Blogger Brandonian said...

Had you had Yourhub to upload your story, you would have had it hours ago...


Tue Jul 25, 12:41:00 AM  

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