Thursday, July 20

Brandon's birfday

Today is B-Mo 2.0's* birthday!

I really wish I could break out with a funny programming joke or even write some shit in binary code, but, alas, I am dumb as a rock.

/but I can do this
//for, like, as long as I want
///and it just gets hilariouser and hilariouser!

*Gotta go with B-Mo 2.0 because B-Mo is already taken.


Blogger Brandonian said...

acht! I missed this until today!?!

That's what I get for taking a sabbatical from the internet for a weekend.


Mon Jul 24, 10:22:00 PM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Heheheh, I'll get my robot to interpret that last paragraph for me.

Wed Jul 26, 01:55:00 AM  

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