Wednesday, April 12

Things and stuff

• The new Built to Spill record is excellent. The album cover is disappointing and the typography is uninspired, but the inside artwork is kinda fun.

• Soul Fish Cafe makes a helluva chicken po'boy.

• It's laundry time.

• It's also time to sort of start thinking about packing, maybe. I have to leave Memphis for Nashville at the asscrack of dawn tomorrow, and stumbling around in the wee hours of the morning, rubbing gunk out of your eyes and throwing random bits of cloth into your suitcase is no way to pack. I can't remember why I'm not flying out of Memphis, but I think it has something to do with me wanting $100 Southwest fun fares.

• The beautiful boquet of flowers on my bookshelf is going to be dead when I get back. Bummer.

• April is already halfway gone. Blink.


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