Friday, April 14

There were no snakes on the plane

I'm here on The Schlong, where nothing is really springy and green yet, and the houses all have wood shingle siding and boats under tarps in the yard.

Amber's at work; I'm just stumbling out of bed (I had to make up for my three hours of sleep Wednesday night). I've got the whole house to myself. And all I can do is think about playing The Sims 2.

The house she lives in is a modest three-bedroom (I haven't met the third roommate and don't think I will; he's not here that often) with an open kitchen/dining/living area, and a cute sunroom that looks onto Flanders Bay. It's a nice place -- things are super clean and orderly. Maevis is actually being nice and letting me pet her instead of biting me with her little razor teeth. I think living in a beach community has chilled her out a bit. She's also constantly demanding my attention and pampering, just like a starlet.

I met Roommate Pete late night. He let us drink some Lieb wine (A 2003 Bridge Lane Merlot) from his collection. I think Amber said he works for Lieb or with Lieb or something. Anyway, it was really good and their bottles have really nice label designs. I love good liquor bottle design.

We were tipsy and giggly and somehow ended up on the floor, looking at maps of Long Island and Queens (where Craig lives and where we're going tonight to have dinner and stay the night). It blows my mind that we're on an island, shoved out into the Atlantic, water on all sides, just hanging out on a fragile piece of sandy land that looks like it could break off and float away from the weight of Manhattan alone.

Tonight we'll drive into Queens, where Craig's going to cook us dinner (they're having scallops; I'm having a grilled chicken salad). I'm not quite sure what we'll get into after that.


Blogger nashgirl said...

You should have the scallops, I'm sure Craig wouldn't steer you wrong. Besides, you're on the coast.

Fri Apr 14, 08:20:00 PM  

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