Saturday, April 29

Friday Random Ten: First and Last Time I'll Do This Edition

It's so late and I'm putting off brushing my teeth because I am L-A-Z-Y and I cannot lie down with dirty teeth, which means I'm wasting time before bed, which means I'll sleep so late tomorrow.


So I'm going to kill some time by doing one of those pointless Friday Random Tens you see everywhere. But I'm going to make it matter by putting my psychic skills to the test. I bet we get at least one Death Cab song and one Beck song, because iTunes looooves some Beck and DCfC.

Anyway, here goes.

1. "Pushover" by Etta James
2. "Amsterdam" by Coldplay
3. "He War" by Cat Power
4. "Ten Years Ahead" by The Soundtrack of Our Lives
5. "Old Sad Songs" by Lucero
6. "Fix You Up" by Tegan&Sara
7. "Girl" by Tori Amos
8. "Backdrifts" by Radiohead
9. "Taxi Ride" by Tori Amos
10. "The Southern Barrier" by Severe Severe

Well, holy crap. Two Tori Amos songs and not a single Beck tune?

I don't know what to think since this was a totally pointless exercise.

***Check out the woman-to-man ratio of those musicians. I'll have to stop thinking of my iTunes as a sexist bastard.


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