Monday, April 24

Meeting people is easy

Yesterday I had lunch with a new co-worker (of course I took her to Mezcal) and ended up spending the rest of the day with her, hanging out and talking. She's super nice, and I think she was just happy to get out of her apartment and hang out with someone other than her two cats. She doesn't really know anyone here and her husband won't move up here from Texas until next month.

I gave her the basic car tour of the city that I give everyone else (except I managed not to get us lost in the ghetto) and explained the neighborhoods and areas of town, and which roads go where. She lives out in Cordova, so she really hasn't had a chance to see too much of Midtown or Downtown.

She talked (and I asked a lot of questions) about her time studying abroad in Italy a few years ago. I told her how I've got the travel jones for Italy, so she showed me some pictures and let me borrow Under the Tuscan Sun. She also let me try some Italian white merlot and gave me a bottle of Texas wine, which I'm excited to try later today.

The Factory show Friday night was fun. Neil's makes a decent amaretto sour but a pretty terrible lemon drop. Blech. The boys put on a pretty good show. They even brought their own dancers, which was mesmerizing. Phil and Jimmy had fun heckling Chris. I saw several ghosts from high school. Names are starting to fade at this point, but one person I saw was Keenan W., who graduated high school with me and is now (nephew) Patrick's teacher. Weird.

Phil, Jimmy, Theresa, and David (who I'd never met before) walked over to my place afterward and Theresa and I had a glass of wine and, sitting out on the balcony, she told me a little about living in Norfolk (one of my potential future destinations). It's been a long time since I've seen her. We probably haven't spoken a sentence to each other in nearly a decade. I remember riding the bus with her and being assigned to sit with her so I wouldn't have to sit near Tina and Wendy, my "friends" who would pick on me (why didn't I kick their asses? I was bigger than both of them combined). I remember Theresa would be listening to rap on her headphones, and I'd have country music playing in mine. She thought it was funny that I was listening to "Dee-wight Yoke-HAM." I was a total fucking dork, down to the Coke-bottle glasses, the high-waisted wedgie pants, and the exploding permed bangs. Jesus.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Quiero comer y pasear al rededor la ciudad contigo. ¿No? ¿Porque no, mi chica? Oh ... claro que sí ... Yo he estado viviendo aqui diez y seis años, yo he sido descalificado.

Tue Apr 25, 04:34:00 PM  
Blogger Kara said...

Under the Tuscan Sun. One of my secret pleasures...such a chick flick, but oh, how wonderful. It gets me on my I-wanna-go-to-Italy kick (and makes me want to sign a pre-nup).

Wed Apr 26, 01:37:00 AM  

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