Thursday, March 9

Sometimes I'm reminded of why I have to get out of Tennessee

The state Senate voted overwhelmingly to pass the abortion amendment. Only nine voted against the measure, including Memphis' Steve Cohen. Call his office and thank him if you'd like: 615-741-4108.

Now the measure goes to the House. If it passes there, it begins working its way toward a ballot that would allow the people of this state to vote on the question of state ownership of uteruses. Fucking great.

No exceptions for rape or incest or the mother's health are part of the deal, you see. Because if you are a woman, you are a receptacle for sperm — even violent, unwanted sperm — and an incubator of potential life, and the instant you hit puberty, the public is entitled to control you because you are not a full human being worth more than the potential human you might some day tote around in your belly.


I've updated the photoblog for the first time in two months.


Blogger nashgirl said...

There's no escaping it.

Thu Mar 09, 06:34:00 PM  
Blogger phallicpen said...

Boy, that's discouraging. I'm glad the religious right have discarded all things logical and moral in favor of, you know, unwanted babies.

Thu Mar 09, 06:45:00 PM  
Blogger J. R. said...

I don't know if you have read it, but the book Freakanomics claims the sharp decline in the violent-crime rate in the mid-90s was due, in large part, to the legalization of abortion brought about because of Roe.

It's crass and horrible and probably the wrong arguement to make, but maybe we could tag the Right being soft on crime.

NOTE- the word verification is a letter from being "naive." Funny.

Thu Mar 09, 11:26:00 PM  
Blogger Wendy said...

Why is the damn legislature so concerned about my uterus or anyone else's? What makes them a better judge of it than I am? Argh. I hate people sometimes. Am I JUST a potential baby-maker here? Sigh.

Fri Mar 10, 12:29:00 AM  

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