Saturday, November 5

'Psydelines' is psychic

If I told you there was a group of women from Mendocino, Calif., who wanted to protest the governator on the steps of the California state capitol, you'd probably nod your head and think, Right on. Then if I told you that these women wanted to protest topless, you'd probably think, That's kind of weird, but, it's California, man, so whatever and go back to doing your Saturday-evening whippets. But if I told you that these women are part of a group called "Breasts Not Bombs" and you happen to remember the parody edition of Sidelines from a couple of years ago in which Amber Bryant wrote about the campus rally called "Boobs Not Bombs," you might be falling in the floor right now, since the whippets undoubtedly will make this realization funnier.

I mean, seriously. I don't know how long this organization has been around, but we had never heard of it when we drafted that story. In fact, it was the most ridiculous thing we could think of. And these women went and made it a reality. The comedy gods are pleased.

But a judge has denied the women's request to protest topless, reasoning that "being topless is not inherently expressive." Besides, it's already against state policy to be nude on the capitol grounds.

The leader of the group, Sherry Glaser, says the protest may still take place without the bared breasts. It's good to see the group has its priorities in order.

"All we really have is the power of ourselves," she said. "Our bodies bring attention."

Sigh. Yes, ladies, but it's your voices that will carry the message, and it's your message that should be bringing the attention. If this is supposed to be some kind of throwback to the political power of bared breasts (in the vein of "bra-burning" feminism) then maybe I'm just not getting it.

By far my favorite part of this story is this:

"The state Capitol is a destination for California residents and tourists from around the world. Hundreds of California schoolchildren visit on a daily basis. They often enjoy their lunch on the west steps of the Capitol," the lawyers for the attorney general's office wrote.

Clearly the AG's lawyers are trying to make imply a "losing their lunch" joke here, and I, for one, am laughing with them.


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