Thursday, November 3

'Mea culpa' is Latin for 'my bad'

The unthinkable has happened. I got something wrong. Oh, yuck.

I erroneously wrote that the "spousal notification" statute was nothing more than a requirement that women obtain permission slips from their husbands. While I still stand by my assertion that this was the intended effect of the law, it is now clear to me that the statute never explicitly says that; it just requires the woman to offer a written promise that she told her husband she was getting an abortion.

Thanks to reader Sam for pointing out what I very carelessly, in my rage over the very idea of this "spousal notification" idea, missed. A pronoun. A pronoun key to understanding the issue, which I sheepishly admit I botched. See these comments for further explanation. Anyone want to join me for remedial reading classes?


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