Tuesday, April 5

[This hole in my heart is in the shape of you]
Finally, Jeanette Winterson's newest, Lighthousekeeping, is out in the states. I'm squealing with delight on the inside, since I can't squeal aloud just yet. Unfortunately, she's not coming anywhere near Memphis for a reading, but she'll be in New York on April 18. I know a New Yorker who just might like to see her. Winterson's column says tickets for the New York appearance are selling out fast, so I know a New Yorker who better act quick if she's interested. I wonder if this New Yorker's author professors have any connections that would allow her to meet our shared idol...

Tonight I designed the Metro section in addition to my DeSoto duties. It was a fun challenge. We didn't have any late-breaking news, so I didn't have to rip up the pages at the last minute. It's never fun when that happens. I'll post a PDF of the page with my other clips shortly. It also seems to be time for another Day in the Life. I'll get on that right away.


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