Tuesday, March 29

[Dropping like flies]
Johnnie Cochran's out, Jerry Falwell's on his way, and the Pope has been half-dead for years.

And Kristin deleted her blog!

In other news, Mississippi continues its regression back to the Middle Ages. Did you know that in 2001 they passed a law requiring the phrase "In God we trust" to be posted in every public school classroom? Well, now the Senate has deemed it completely OK for Christian texts and symbols to adorn taxpayer-funded buildings. Hoo, and I thought Mississippi had some sort of budget/Medicaid/illiteracy problems to deal with. Well, as long as the kids can read "In God we trust," they're good for life.

I really am astonished at how many conservatives push for government and public spaces to be associated with Christianity, as much as they squawk about government tainting everything it touches. I mean, why would anyone want to allow the government to co-opt their very private, very sacred, and most of all very diverse religious beliefs for any sort of political purpose? Makes. No. Sense.

Everything's okay, though, because somewhere out there right now, someone is putting together a costume for Lebowski Fest. God bless America. I mean Hollywood. Hollywood bless America.

Phil phinally got his phreakin' phour-track today. He said it smells and looks like it was owned by a heavy smoker. Yuck. But he still seems pretty excited about it. Here's to a concept album about the wonders of supportive girlfriends!


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