Wednesday, January 5

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I got the call today, so I'm definitely moving to Memphis. In fact, my start date is set for Jan. 31. I am, of course, ridiculously excited, but I'm also really scared, since now I have to start planning this move in a realistic, feasible way. Before, I was just thinking of it in a "hmmm-wouldn't-this-be-nice" way, bookmarking apartments that were probably way above my range of affordability. This change in my life is real and imminent and completely overwhelming. I called and told my dad today and he was really excited about the news, though he's not too crazy about the idea of me living in Memphis (that makes two ... er ... several of us). He said it would be tough for me to move away from Murfreesboro. I've done my best not to think about that up until now. How comfortable I've grown in this little town. I know my way around. I have certain stores/mechanics/gas stations/streets/banks/restaurants that I utilize. I have a routine that doesn't include stressful commuter traffic and the constant threat of crime. I have friends who live literally next door or just across town, and we can get together any time we like. Murfreesboro sucks in a lot of ways (there are a lot of Republicans), but coming from a place as small as Saltillo and as shitty as Savannah, living here has been fantastic. It's got a perfect combination of small-town quaintness and large-city convenience. It's weird, because I still perk up and read the fine print on "For rent" yard signs when we pass them in town, just because the thought of getting a house here and sort of kicking back in the Boro sounds so comforting to me. But it can't happen. Not now, anyway.

Now comes the rush. So much to do... Turn in my notice at Dillard's (triumph!) Then I have to go to the paper's office some time next week to do the paperwork/physical/drug test routine. I guess that's when they'll pitch a salary amount to me. So far we haven't discussed that, because I've been too afraid to ask and I'm sure they aren't even bothering since I'm a wet-behind-the-ears college kid who would be lucky to make $23,000 a year. Now I have to think about insurance and stock options and all that stuff I've generally ignored because it was completely irrelevent to me. I have to clean out this apartment and pack. I've been here for almost three years, and I've truly settled in and made it my home, which makes it even harder to move. Phil has stuff in storage we have to think about. We've got to go apply to lease somewhere in Memphis. That's likely to be the biggest challenge.

If there's anything that moving to Birmingham this summer taught me, it's that the place you choose to live is the pivotal element that will incite either your mental ascent or your horrible, spiraling demise. Having Phil come with me zaps a lot of my doubt, since I'm confident that, together, we can do this and do it right. And already Billy and Amber have volunteered to help us move, and my parents mentioned that they could enlist the help of the guy who helped me move into Havenwood. We have a network of support, which will make this transition so much easier. I couldn't be happier.


Blogger J. R. said...

congrats! even though it is memphis...I'll definitely be checking out the C-A online now. Even though it is Memphis. Good BBQ there, though. Even though it is Memphis.

much love


Thu Jan 06, 09:58:00 AM  
Blogger theogeo said...

Heh heh. Thanks! I'll be sure to blog all the livelong day about the ghetto, from the ghetto.

Thu Jan 06, 10:26:00 AM  
Blogger nashgirl said...

Congrats! We all knew you could do it! Jimmy and I are definitely on board for helping you move, since it would give us a chance to see Jen and Jarett. Don't worry, Linners. Memphis is bound to have some lovely spots that will just take a little time to find. When you go to meet up with them next week, ask around about apartments and nice areas to live.

Thu Jan 06, 10:50:00 AM  
Blogger TVonthefritz said...

Let's hang out before you sojurn over into the wonderful world of employment.

Thu Jan 06, 02:50:00 PM  

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